0100z SPC outlook Graphic

Originally posted by Kurt Hulst

I found it odd that theres 25% hail and wind probablities still set for this outlook time period and there is no orginized severe weather expected at this time on there graphic. i just found it funny that not even a slight risk exsists. But you watch ill get done writting this and the graphic will be fixed.

Hmm... It's saying SLGT from TX into MI for me...
I'm assuming that the graphic on the website wasn't updated for the current 1z... Kurt, was it yesterday's 1z that you were looking at?
The 01z outlooker forecasted slight-risk probabilities via the hail/wind/tornado graphics... but somehow the actual slight risk points did not get pulled into the outlook.

A correction was sent within five minutes... thereafter the SLGT was viewable on the web as well.