WX Worx & GPS

Joey Ketcham

I'm almost to a point of giving up hope of getting GPS to work on my WX Worx system, I'm thinking it's impossible - at least with the Delorme EarthMate GPS.

It was suggested by both someone else on here as well as Lyle from WX Worx to download the latest driver from Delorme's website (they have one that will allow third party software to use the Earthmate) because I guess the problem is it installs as a HID device and not a Com Port.

So I went to http://www.delorme.com/support/gps/uemate0...K=&P=17111&C=19 and downloaded the driver there, the setup file and installed it and it still registers as a USB and I see now here in my Device Manager to change this over to a COM Port.

What am I doing wrong, is the EarthMate compitable with the WX Worx?
I had similar problems with the USB-to-serial driver that delorme provided. After many attemps and troubleshoots, I finally did get it to work. Now... remember what I did is the tough part... If I remember, I'll post on here.
I've continued to work on getting my EarthMate GPS to work with my WX Worx system using all the tips and software suggested and I still have no had any success with it.

I'm thinking it'd probably just be easier to get the GPS from WX Worx and just use that
Which Wx package did you purchase?? the full blown $900 one is the only one that supports GPS - while the cheaper one $700 I think does not .

GPS is cool with the Wx system
Finally got my Delorme GPS to work with both my WxWorx and Streetatlas 2003.

First I upgraded to Threatnet v1.2
Second I downloaded DeLorme's USB to Serial driver being careful to update Windows XP serial driver per the instructions at Delorme's site.

This got the GPS working with WxWorx.

Then to get both working I installed the Virtual Serial Splitter from
which allowed me to run both.

Be sure to plug in the GPS before setting up the virtual ports which have to connect to whatever port it hooks up to.

Now for something to test it out on here in Texas :)