Wintry weather affecting portions of Iowa!

Craig Maire II

Right now: 6:11pm CDT light to moderate snow is falling over portions of Iowa including my area (Cedarfalls), looks like we might have a white Christmas after all!!

For more information:
Much of the upper Midwest is getting affected. Green Bay has seen nearly constant snow all day, often blowing horizontally on winds that were sustained around 20 MPH with gusts to near 30, although they have now calmed down some. The radio has been reporting lots of accidents and traffic backups.
Well I'm getting missed here in Milwaukee. The nice band setup across Central Wisconsin. What a surprise. I'm just hoping I can squeeze another inch or so out once the band weakens and shifts east over my area.

...Alex Lamers...
We had about a ten minute period of flurries. I was surprised we even got that. I have a feeling we're going to get nailed in January though....