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Welcome cold front

Here in Omaha, we've been in the 50s all day, with gusty north winds. The post-frontal cloud cover has cleared out in the past hour or so, but even with the sun, it's a bit chilly. I'm actually wearing a sweater!

I doubt we'll freeze tonight, but mid 30s appear likely.
Originally posted by Andrew Khan
Jeff, aren't you guys under a frost advisory? I need some of this cold weather down here...wonder when it will make it.

There are frost and freeze advisories to my west, but not here in Eastern Nebraska. Still, patchy frost is expected. The average date of first freeze here is October 10, so for us to be flirting with frost the last week of September isn't all that unusual.

Then again, I grew up in Texas, so early freezes take getting used to. Still, I'd rather deal with an early freeze than 100+ degree F days all the way into October. I rather appreciate the fact that, in Nebraska, Autumn feels like...well, Autumn.
Chilly, rainy, blustery day here in Green Bay. This strong cold front had too much grunge and not enough CAPE for me to get enthusiastic. I watched the clouds race across the sky thinking "How I hate seeing these strong winds aloft go to waste". Of course, I was thinking the same thing at about 3 PM on August 18. :roll:
The day started humid and cloudy, with a light southwest breeze. By afternoon the front blasted through, quickly followed by all the post frontal rains. We had a nice soaking here, which was nice to see. By the time I came home from work in the early evening, it was cold and windy. Big change!!

The smell in the air was different tonight. You can almost smell winter coming. I'm looking forward to tracking winter storms already. I hope this season's better than the last, which only yielded us about 17" of snow, one of the lowest ever for the area...
What a refreshing night! Had some rain this afternoon, then wind/drizzle as the front moved through, now it's chilly and clear. It's about time :D The air is clean and fresh, straight from Canada/northern Plains.

The only problem is I know snow is around the corner, but it comes with territory.
Just got home from work a few minutes ago...awesome weather :D
Close to 60 degrees with nice north winds :D...cool little "dust storm" this afternoon...haven't ever seen that before...very cool. Just wish I could have gone chasing this afternoon :cry:
This is my second favorite time of year :wink: :D 8)
Oh... all over the northern hemisphere a lot of weather freaks wish to have "winter" weather, at least even colder than summer temperatures... :D

After a week of sick high pressure weather without any interesting activity, this weeks our classic west circulation starts. The polar jet - our weather motor - intensified last days around Iceland. Our extratropical storm season should start this autumn ... i hope so :)

Many of us also hope to get a snowy and cold winter with much n-s-circulation east of a large blocking high in the area around iceland within the next 2 month :D.

Snow can be sooo cool...some pictures from my last winter:






I like it. Sorry for the pics in this thread... but perhaps you enjoyed it :)

Bah, this cold front is not welcome here. The weather was already perfect here in central IL with sunny skies during the day with a high in the upper 70s.. with clear nites and lows in the 50s. I might not hate it so much if it wasnt for how ugly it made things. The day started off bright and sunny, but by afternoon was a digusting grey, dreary and rainy evening.. and now its a blustery, rainy and cold nite. Blegh. Yes, this is much better. :roll:
36F in Hays, KS at this time (235am). I love western Kansas. Finally some mid-latitude weather to analyze on the upper air charts... +130/-130 meter height change couplets are fun to analyze ;-) Looks like we'll bottom out at 43 or so here in Dodge, mid-high clouds from that cutoff are impinging on the area... Fall baby!

Mike U
The bad news = Norman's pit effect even works for cold frontal grunge in September.
The good news = I guess they haven't got it to work for smaller particles like DUST yet?

I guess that's something.....

Yesterday certainly was an interesting day - but totally dry here in OUN. The prefrontal wind shift came about in early afternoon and by about 3pm the winds were howling in places with gusts to 40mph. Our birdtable fell off the tree.

All we really got out of yesterday was the obvious cool down, and a neat panorama with the northern horizon dusty brown as the big winds came in, and our southeastern horizon filled with towering cu punching up into the atmosphere. There were a few nice domes on those big storms in SE OK yesterday......looks like they nailed the SLGT area......

Currently trying to figure out whether the dust-stirring yesterday has sent my nose/throat haywire, or if (more likely) I've caught something on the flight home. :?


The temperature in Sioux City Iowa KSUX dropped to 30 degrees. According to the NWS readings, it was below freezing for a total of 4 hours. I do believe this supports a "Freeze Warning" but not so much as a frost advisory was issued. Needless to say, it felt like winter.
I don't know if this cold front has made it here tonight, but temperatures right now are in the High 50's. Has the cold front made it here yet?
Originally posted by Andrew Khan
I don't know if this cold front has made it here tonight, but temperatures right now are in the High 50's. Has the cold front made it here yet?

Yes, it has... This was a very strong cold front - and you'll know when it has passed. A cold front replaces an airmass with cold air (just as the name implies).

I woke up freezing LOL... Its in mid 50s here :roll:
My thermometer here at home showed a low temp of 34 degrees overnight. The ASOS station a couple miles away registered 37. So, looks like mid-30s. Before going to bed, I noticed several stations to my north and west reporting temperatures at or just below freezing. McCook was even reporting flurries... I'm assuming that was erroneous.

62 degrees right now with sunshine. It's comfortable outside, but I'm freezing my butt off inside. Perhaps I should've ran the heat some overnight.
Yes, it is nick! Along the front surface dewpoints drops down by about 10-11K in short distance. Dewpoint before around ~60 °F even falls down to 40 °F.

I do not like such a deep cold front. Often there is only little weather activity.

Today I got a great "backside day". Many cold-air storms formed and I got a very impressive hit at home with a nice hailstorm (pea sized hail forming hail layer). Surprising high electricity...

That's from here...

Thanks Nick, I just looked at the 'fronts map', and I see it's really made it's way here. What makes a front (Cold or warm) stronger than one or the other? Wish it was colder here though.

In case I'm not nick... how strong a cold front is you can imagine watching the change of airmasses which can be best characterized by theta e.

German GFS plot:

The higher the difference along the border is the stronger the front.
Well I did not have that hyperlink Nick....so thanks for posting it I guess. But, it's not working right at this moment anyway. Neither is the RAP database..But it makes since now.
Note that ThetaE values can be deceiving (not in this case).... extremely hot/dry air masses can have similar values as places with semi-warm/moist air masses.

Originally posted by Aaron Kennedy
Note that ThetaE values can be deceiving (not in this case).... extremely hot/dry air masses can have similar values as places with semi-warm/moist air masses.


Okay, Aaron what is ThetaE?