Vehicle Hail Protection essay

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Well I think he seems to agree about the ass thing.

"My name is" bla bla bla ". I'm also known as El Diablo, Satan, Mr. Tinker Train, Tattooed Covered Asshole, and other colorful names."

Ack, and I have one of those 3-cup anenometers mag mounted to the top of my vehicle! I do hope it is accurate to +-5mph when the vehicle is not in motion, because I purchased it for the sole purpose of relaying 58+mph wind measurements to the NWS. I wonder what the true, non advertised, accuracy really is on it, it's an 80 dollar deal, nothing fancy.
As for the hail core punching stuff, I thought that was funny. That's the part of the storm I am most afraid of and make a point to stay away at all times, until I can find a cheap bulletproof vehicle. I wonder if the government ever auctions those off, hehe.
I guess you could say that his opinions are his own opinions, and he is definately entitled to them, no matter how skewed that they seem to be. Man, RJ used to be one heck of a good guy...I have no clue what happened.

As for Davis and other "consumer" instruments...well, if they don't work, and their data is useless, makes you wonder why the NWS offices always asks if the wind was measured or estimated. If it really doesn't matter, why ask?
I guess since "consumer grade" weather readings (i.e. wind speed measurement) is so mucking up the LSR database we should all go back to the old way of estimating since that is so much more accurate. :roll: Or even better, lets just stop making reports at all. :roll:
I've used several variations of roof-mounted consumer anemometers, and have tested them on calm days by comparing speedometer readings with the anemometer readout at a wide range of speeds. Furthermore, I took stationary readings and compared them to the nearest NWS metar observations. Margin of error has consistently been +-3mph.
hmmm I enjoyed it. I agree with several of RJ's points. There was some stuff I didnt agree with him on.

But regardless, It's was kind of nice to see someone not afraid to really speak what was on his mind considering all of the politically correct BS that is all over the place.
I knw RJ...ande yes, he is a pretty good chaser, and a smart individual where the technology of chasing is concerned. He used to be somebody you could go up to and talk shop with without a I said, I don't know what happened to him.
I ask that no one else reply to this thread because all that R.J. wants is attention and I for one am not going to give it to him and put up with his B.S. I encourage everyone on this board to do the same. It would be different if he presented the editorial in a manner that didn't attack almost every chaser in the world but I guess that would be too easy for him. A fifth grader could figure out what these guys are trying to do.
I knw RJ...ande yes, he is a pretty good chaser, and a smart individual where the technology of chasing is concerned. He used to be somebody you could go up to and talk shop with without a I said, I don't know what happened to him.

Looking around his page, it looks like you'll get a beat down if you talk to him while out in the field... ... The fact of the matter is that he has a vehicle which draws attention. If he wants to be a prick to those who inquire about it, then so be it. If you don't want folks asking you all the time, then make your setup a little more discrete. :roll:

I just say this: "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS". This world would be much nicer if people minded their own business and let others do what they want to do (yes, there are limits...). Don't be so critical of other chasers!
I just say this: "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS". This world would be much nicer if people minded their own business and let others do what they want to do (yes, there are limits...). Don't be so critical of other chasers!

Amen to that!

Man, I really don’t know what his problem is. It’s only OK to build a hail cage if you’re planning on deliberately driving into a hail core?? Huh??? What part of “I don’t want to have a stray baseball break my windshield and ruin my chase†doesn’t this guy understand? I met RJ years ago, very briefly, and he seemed like an OK guy. But just because he was the first to build a hail shield, that doesn’t give him the right to harass others who think it’s a good idea. Hail cores are an inevitable hazard to chasers. Sometimes you’re just going to get cored, not by design but simply because the most interesting parts of a supercell are near the region of large hail. Does he really think it’s possible to chase and not get hail dents? I got news: hail dents are part of the process, and all chasers end up with them. Given that hail is almost inevitable, what’s so wrong about wanting to protect your windshield? RJ, get a grip. There are problems in the world of chasing, but this ain’t one of them!
RJ Evans is a great chaser and forecaster. That said, I'm also noticing a trend these days that if a person isn't slamming the entire chase community for something publically, then they can't be taken seriously themselves. I'm sorry that he had to resort to the wild profanity to get his point across, as there are some valid points buried somewhere between the malevolence in there. I guess it's all in the things in which a person is seeking attention ... their car or their attitude.
RJ was/is a pretty good guy when I met him on a chase tour some years ago. He drove for XXXXXXX Tours.

As I remember there was a parting of the ways precipitated when the leader of XXXXXXXXXX Tours and some of the guests used major CP air drizzle-time one night in Goodland to wrap RJ's entire vehicle in a cocoon of plastic including his pro-grade three-cup anemometer and newly-installed hail shield :roll: . The pro-grade, three-cup anemometer broke sometime during the wrapping or un-wrapping process. RJ was not amused, and was last seen rapidly leaving the Super 8 parking lot for Oklahoma trailing scraps of Saran Wrap. :) This event may also have hastened his self-described retreat from christianity.... :lol:

Now You Know the Rest of the Story!....
I'm surprised he would go after other chasers like that since he seems to hint in his blog he's been the target of the same sort of judgement.....

7) If you happen to have a PhD in meteorology, have an attitude toward me, and decide that laughing at the RM Young equipment on my roof is fun because you think it's there as some sort of "I'm a storm chaser" statement, I'll shove all 3.5 Mb of computer code, that my wife slaved over, right up your arogant asshole until your puking 1's and 0's out from between your teeth!

This RJ guy and his website are funny as hell! But I do think that RJ has some "issues". :lol: :D
It sounds to me like he doesn't want anybody else to have a "look at me" vehicle so that we can all be in awe of his "look at me vehichle". Either that, or he just wanted to be sure and let everybody know how much time and effort he has put into his equipment so that we are aware that what we have doesn't even come close in comparison. He may have some issues.

For most of us storm chasing is a hobby. Personally, I don't have any type of equipment attached to my vehicle. All we carry are the "Roads of ..." maps and our cameras. I like keeping it simple. If someone wants to put $50 instruments on their car then great. If someone else wants to spend thousands of hours and dollars on higher quality instruments then go for it, but that gives them NO right to belittle anything that other people are doing.
By Gum, when I can afford RM Young equipment, I'll have RM Young equipment. In the mean time, Davis Instruments and the +/- 5% will certainly beat the daylights out of my +/- 10 mph (or more) SWAG. Nope, it's not scientific grade. The purposes for which I use it aren't scientific. If my single report skews the data from the LSR Database that much, then maybe the NWS Science folks shouldn't be using that data. When I report 75 and 80 mph winds to the radio listeners, it's a red flag that maybe THEY should be doing something radical. Like maybe headed for the basement? It's certainly a warning that there is something pretty serious headed into town.

What about that Big honkin nasty tornado that I don't see? Or even that hail that busted my windshield because I'm an "Amateur" and don't deserve the "right" to protect my vehicle just because I was unlucky enough to chase at night and get caught in an unseen hail core. Yeah, my little Davis "Psuedo" MM didin't help me out there, but neither did the uneducated person on the Skywarn net. It's not really his fault though as he is a volunteer and hasn't had hours and hours of WSR-88D theory and interpretation. Or maybe it is because no one has bothered to take the time to teach him the very basics of looking at something than BREF1 just because it has pretty colors. No one told him about LOS and angles. No one told him that the various markers that show up aren't absolute.

Nope, I don't have a PhD in meteorology. Not even close. Yeah, I have a few Skywarn classes under my belt and even an advanced class or two in there. Am I an expert? Not on your life. I AM more knowledgable than 95% of my listening audience though. Those folks rely on yself and others like me to report what we see whether it be scientific or not.

Oh well, It seems I'm feeding the troll that Greg let loose amongst us. 'Nuff' said on my side.

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