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Upcoming Storm Season!

Greetings everyone!

The storm chasing season is quickly approaching, and I know that I've already cought the bug.

I wanted to start this topic to find out what new tactics/information resources/equipment you learned/found/bought during the off-season?

I didn't really get anything new, just read up alot about how to interpret models and the likes.
I have just been trying to learn new stuff about storms and I have been learning how to read new diagrams. I wish I had gotten some new stuff for this season. We were thinking about getting a wireless card for our laptop, but it was too expensive and I was not sure how well it would work. As for new tactics, I am going to try to make sure that I go out during a good time. Last year I made a big mistake and spent four days on the plains and nothing happened. :( I can't wait for the season to start! :D
Originally posted by nickgrillo
Oh, yeah - no more chasing in the Great Lakes... ever

So when one of those High Risk days rolls over Michigan, you're just going to let that slide on by eh? I think I'm still up for a little more punishment.

This year I will have mobile data via the cell and wifi. Hopefully the number of "missed the tornado by a half hour" chases will drop dramatically. I was also spoiled by my first tornado, which means I have to bag at least one this year as well. Some important points for 2005 are that wifi data is now even more widespread then it was last year, and that many of the cell phone companies now have fast, widespread, and affordable data networks (Cingular in particular).
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So when one of those High Risk days rolls over Michigan ...

Ummm.... You are joking, right? A high risk day, in Michigan?! LOL :lol:[/b]


I say somebody's gotta stick around here in Wisconsin to keep an eye on the Cheesenadoes.

This off-season has been very educational for me. Besides joining StormTrack and finally having a chance to learn from more experienced chasers, I have learned more about the workings of the atmosphere thanks to my class last semester; I have learned how to interpret soundings, and got a copy of BUFKIT on my notebook computer.

The only thing to keep me from chasing this coming season is the fact that I don't have my driver's license (I have got to be the only 19 year old male in the world who doesn't) and the only way I get to chase is if I can rope my roommate or one of my buddies into driving for me (and risking hail damage to his car). :(
I've spent this off-season learning as much as I can.. I have joined in on several different weather sites allowing me to learn from other chasers. I have now gained my ham license and will have my radio by the end of this month hopefully. I am also going to be getting a new laptop for my upcoming chase seasons later on. This summer I will be with a group for my first actual chase season, and then I will also be joining Iowa State next fall and hope to join in with their team of chasers as well. Overall I think it has been a great productful off-season for me and can't wait for the season to begin!!
Andy: I got you beat. 23 and no driver's license. Happily I know a couple of mobile spotters in my area, so I'm not completely out of the game right now.
Not sure what the season will bring to central Ohio though (if anything at all).

I'd love to get back to central Indiana this spring, in the Indianapolis/Lafayette/Lebanon area where tornado activity seems to be unusually active.

I'm looking to go beyond just advance spotter to learning to some real honest-to-goodness forecasting, but I'm still learning to adapt my artist's brain to be more in tune with the more logical and anylitical.