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unique chase vehicles

I'm looking to possibly interview folks with unique storm chase vehicles. Tornado "tank" cars, custom, and head turning vehicles are the goal...not so much the generic SUV with a hundred attennaes.

If any of you own or know of such, please let me know...Ideally, these vehicles would be within a few hours drive of Tulsa....Thanks, George Flickinger
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Unique Chasing Vehicles

Hi George,

I would have no problem giving you an interview. I currently live in Denton, TX (A county north of Dallas). Here is a picture of my vehicle I chase with and the instrument rack that I built. Take care!


That white "sphere" looks to me like the cap for the PVC tube. It's difficult to tell from that angle, but thats what it is.


EDIT: my post was supposed to go under Paul's, but for some reason it didn't. No idea why it did that?
Mike - I can spot the Youngs annemometer, the DAVIS rain collector - but what on earth is the white sphere under the annemometer ??

I am just being interested and sorry to jump into the middle of ( Geroge's )request thread.
Thanks you for your response. I've received several PMs and I'll be contacting several of you in the coming weeks. Thanks, George Flickinger