Trade/Sale: "Storm Lapse" DVD/Blu-ray

May 1, 2004
Springfield, IL
I'm pleased to announce my first video production: "Storm Lapse"!


This is two hours of my best timelapse footage, all shot with the robotic camera dome.

Check out the trailer:

Watch entire storm chases, and the full life of supercells and tornadoes, as continuous shots made possible by my robotic camera system mounted on the roof of my van. This video production has the following features:
  • Thirty hours of storm footage compressed into two hours
  • Bowdle, South Dakota EF4 tornado
  • Conger, Minnesota EF4 tornado
  • Tornadoes of all shapes and sizes, over two dozen total!
  • Supercell structure and lightning in fluid motion
  • Beautiful cloudscapes and great plains scenery
  • Secondary audio track with voice-over commentary
  • Major events from the 2009 and 2010 chase seasons
  • Tornado footage and stills from previous years
  • High-definition Blu-ray available
Each chapter has been carefully edited and pieced together with dramatic music from Kevin MacLeod. Switch over to the alternate audio track and I will narrate each event explaining what's on the screen and what was happening in the chase at the time.



I've discontinued selling this DVD, but you can watch the whole thing for free on YouTube now. Links to the video chapters:
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Man... before I joined this site I hardly spent any money on movies.... then again I have never had such a great, collection of REAL tornado/weather videos. I think Ive purchased every DVD that has been posted up here since I joined. lol

Blu-Ray order placed Skip! :)
Saw some of your video in Minnesota Mayhem, which is by far the best footage I have seen, so it was easy to purchase this one. Thanks and looking forward to getting it.
That looks very cool. I really enjoy the DomeCam shots in Minnesota Mayhem and Bullseye Bowdle DVD's. Seeing things in fast speed time lapse has really helped me see the processes going on in the sky and understand them better. You can see the inflow feeding the storm, the wall cloud rotation, etc...

I look forward to getting this one for sure.
First batch of discs shipped this morning. The sale prices are also still good through the rest of today if you were thinking about getting this one.

I got my copy yesterday afternoon, and popped it in with the intention of taking a nap. Not because it would be a snoozer, but because I was just that tired and figured I'd at least start watching it. I never ended up getting that nap, as the DVD kept my attention pegged and eyes open the entire time.

I went straight to the 'commentary' section, and thought it was really fascinating. It would be hard to narrate an entire chase at real time, but with everything sped up it really allows Skip to keep a constant narration going on that keeps you intrigued.

Again with real time chase DVD's, a lot of editing must be done and with minimal narration I sometimes find myself wondering what we had missed, or why the chaser had chosen to relocate, or stick with a storm so long, etc. However, in Storm Lapse you're always kept abreast of what was going through Skip's head at the time.

I can't single out one favorite point, as the entire DVD flowed together excellently. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with some of Skip's earlier catches. I'm always up for watching footage from April 20th 2004. While it was not the first tornado I had ever seen, it was the first tornado I had seen while chasing so along with Skip, that day will always hold a special spot inside!

Excellent idea, excellent editing, and certainly one of the more interesting chasing DVDs I own now.
My copy arrived today, and it is just incredible to view these storms in a time lapse environment. From start to finish the motions (updrafts, rotation, etc) really stand out, and it's easy to gain a new appreciation for super cell thunderstorms from watching this DVD.

Awesome job Skip!
To echo what others have said, this DVD is awesome! Watched my copy last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The video was high quality, the dome cam's perspective was great, the commentary was informative, educational, and entertaining (think I heard a cat meow once in the background), and the music (plays quietly in the background even during the commentary) was perfectly chosen for each clip! For the most part the camera was pointed in the same direction with relation to the car, so the time lapses worked pretty smoothly.

My only complaint would be not slowing the time lapse down for a bit during some of the bigger tornadoes, but that just made me want to get Bullseye Bowdle and Minnesota Mayhem all the more!

Great job, Skip!
I watched my copy last night, very well done.

There is no other DVD like it thats for sure. The commentary along with the footage is definitely what makes the DVD worth it. It is both educational and informative. There is no herky jerky footage or annoying screaming type stuff like you normally find in a chase DVD. Its a well balanced blend of tornadoes, supercells, lightning and structure.
think I heard a cat meow once in the background


I had to redo several recordings because of him. Looks like he still sneaked his way in there.

My only complaint would be not slowing the time lapse down for a bit during some of the bigger tornadoes

Showing the tornado sequences in real-time crossed my mind as I was nearing the end of editing this production, and is something I will definitely implement in future projects. Thanks for your feedback!
I enjoyed this video very much. I played it through using the commentary only as I found it educational and to see the storms evolve or fall apart with great explanation why. Appreciate this aspect the most. I also find you to be a "safe" chaser which I appreciate too.