The most intense, interesting stormy weather from in plane


What is the most intense, interesting weather that you have ever experienced inside a plane trip? What did it look like and how was your reaction?
My most interesting and intense experience occurred in 1980, during a flight between Pittsburgh PA and Dayton OH.
Even before the flight, I watched nervously as they had planes taking off near obvious rain feet and just ahead of rain squalls.
On my flight, somewhere over Ohio, we began to enter waves of intense thunderstorms. Looking out my window, I could see the ragged bottoms of squall line shelf cloud way below me. We flew alongside of this wedge till its charcoal mountain was along side of us, and we disappeared into the overcast. This happened at least two times.
The turbulance on this flight was so severe that I had the image of the plane being a leaf blowing in the wind. Of course all the flight attendents were strapped down.
We kept changing heights, sometimes entering storms low and ending up way up in the clouds where charcoal gave way to whitish gray over our heads. Sometimes we exited high and sometimes low.
At one point everything outside my window turned pea green. Surprisingly there was no lightning or visible hail.
Meantime, after I landed, I found out that below all this was a rare earthquake.
Sometime in the mid-1980s, I was headed from Kansas City to Dallas/Fort Worth on an American 727-200 (ahhh, the glory days of the trijet! But I digress.....). There were heavy thunderstorms just to the south of MCI and upon departure, the flight crew did some serious slalom work weaving around the towers going up. The lightning show was impressive to say the least but the ride was VERY rough until we cleared the line.

Three years ago I was flying on a Southwest 737-700 from Dallas Love Field to El Paso and we skirted an impressive storm just west of Fort Worth. As we passed the storm's SW flank, I sure was straining the old Mark One eyeballs to see if there was anything dropping out from what look like a meso.
In 2000 (I think that's right), I took a non-stop from Miami to Albuquerque. Over Texas, we flew pretty close to a very impressive overshooting top that made me wonder if that storm was tornadic. Hours later, when I turned on TWC, I learned of the Ft Worth tornado.

August 30 last year I flew St Louis to Baltimore, and it was pretty spooky/sad flying through Katrina's "remnants" (may have still been a TS at the time).