Sunset pictures

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Thank you Ben for the change in pace, I really enjoy those pics.

PS: They make really good backgrounds too!
Sigh. If it weren't for the sunsets, I'd hate winter. They really help get you through the lack of storms. (Thunder in the fcst for midweek -- w00t!)
Beautiful images everyone. Sunsets are my favorite still image subject. That's why (after considering several tornado shots) I eventually chose one for the cover of my debut video.
Nice pictures! I like seeing pictures of the part of Kansas I have not visited yet like Dodge City. I might have to take a drive there sometime
Amazing pics everyone.

Here are a couple of my favorites. I like how you can see the change in the albedo from the ice to the water in the first one. If you look right by the line of trees in the water you can see the change.


I've seen some very nice images displayed here. If you don't mind, I'd like to offer a suggestion when composing landscape shots. Many of you are already doing this and that is placing your horizon in the upper or lower third of the image. Avoid having it run through the center of the image and be sure that the horizon is level.

Whether you place the horizon in the top or bottom third depends on which is more interesting, the sky or the foreground. Also, if there is an object in the photo, such as the one with the windmill and tree, place the object offcenter in the frame as that photo was. It makes it much more interesting and looking less like just a snapshot. Happy shooting. :wink:
whats a good link-able hosting site?

I have a few that I'd love to contribute.