strong cold front pushes thru nation: repeat from year ago this week

Apr 25, 2004
This week a rather strong cold front will march through the central and eastern U.S. displacing the subtropical ridge along with the excessive heat that has been plaguing much of the Midwest and the Great Plains, westward to the Rocky Mtn states. The result will be much cooler temps for the afore mentioned regions. This front is quite unseasonable for late July/early August standards in terms of its punch and southward extent.

Now, Im curious as to how many of you all remember what the overall ConUS weather was like this time last year. Much of the central and eastern part of the country was in the midst of an above average heat wave though not quite as extreme as this months, temps were reaching upper 90s to triple digits for several weeks across the Plains, Midwest, and South. And it was just about this very week that the Pacific High (located in Gulf of Alaska in Summer) migrated eastward to a center just off the coast of British Columbia, which displaced the upper level jet (from a zonal direction hugging the US/Canada border) northward into the Yukon Territories and down through British Columbia. This, combined with an upper low that was parked over Hudson Bay & Ontario with an assoicated trough pushing through the Great Lakes, took the bottom out from underneath the upper level jet stream. The cold front that formed up in Montana and the Dakotas pushed the jet all the way to the southern US putting the central US in a NW flow pattern.

The overall affect was an end to heat wave across the central and eastern US and a significant westward displacement of the subtropical ridge. I also recall that the cold front resulted in sharp line of storms along the Red River (cant remember if they were severe or not) that pushed through much of North Texas area.

SO back to today 2006. I find it really interesting that another strong summer cold front is repeating itself almost to the very day last year. And again the strength of this cold front is quite unseasonable for this time of year, at least for the South and Southern Plains. What are the odds that the same abnormal event would happen two years in a row at the same time?
Currently in Norman: 72/62 with a delightful NNE breeze that I'm taking full advantage of with all windows open :lol: . The front blew through last night about 6pm with storms that fired just south of Norman. With highs progged in the lower 90s (still hot, IMO), lows progged in the 60s (sweet!!!!) and northerly winds through the weekend, we'll get a bit of a break from the nastiness.
thankfully it stalled before it got here.... there's just something about 96/73 that I just love... :rolleyes:

yeah, its hot as all can be down this way. the afternoon convection helps if they can laydown a healthy cold pool. i can actually sit out on my balcony in the evenings and not sweat just sitting there.
According to the ASOS at Westheimer, we made it back to 102 today, and it looks like that was the high at Will Rogers Airport, too. Highs are progged to be back in the upper 90s-lower 100s through the week. Damn, I hate summer!!!!!!!