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Storm Chase Vehicle for Sale

I probably would have taken a stab at this in about 30 to 60 days. I'm looking (but not seriously) to exchange my current vehicle (97 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon) for something that is still 4 wheel drive of some sort, but has much better ground clearance). I need to finish the repairs on my car before selling it for max value (just completely replaced the brakes and rotors). I probably could have sold my car for about as much, maybe a little more than the beginning bid on the ebay ad.

I'd almost offer a trade...but it sounds like it's the cash you need.
If I had 5 grand laying around, I think I'd jump on this deal.
If I had the money I'd also jump on this deal. Jeeps can last a long time, especially those 6 cylinders. Not hard to fix stuff on them either.

What if any vehicle inspection has the truck been through in Texas? I'm thinking more and more about this. It might actually make sense for me. Running some numbers and such. Earliest I would even know is October 31st, but I'm making a few calls...Looking at how fast I could sell my ride.

Anyone want a 1997 Subaru Legacy GT wagon....LOL.
Does the Jeep have ABS?
The lien on the truck...is that due to a current loan that will be satisfied when the truck is purchased, or is there something else?

Thought this was funny to see on the vehicle history report:
No storm area registration/title record
Not sure what to say about that. Good? Bad? LOL.
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man! If I had 5000 dollars I would buy that thing in a heartbeat! I lack a chase vehicle and thats got all the equipment I'd dream for! man!
I forgot about this thread. In the end..while likely still a good deal, I had a hard time seeing the value (for myself). I didn't realize how far down in price Jeeps had become. Wow...they've pretty much bottomed out. Of course it's the 'other stuff' that makes up the value. I also recently found it isn't that hard to take my Subie to the sky-high limits. Seen some Outback owners lift theirs to dizzying heights.

Still wish you luck on the sale if it isn't gone already. Of course you can always part it out.....the RM Young will go lightning fast here and on ebay.