1999 F-350 4WD Ambulance Conversion Storm Chasing Truck

Warren Causey

Feb 20, 2017
Atlanta, GA
For sale is a 1999 F-350 4WD Ambulance 7.3 Powerstroke that has been extensively modded for cross country travel. It has been used for the past 3 years as a storm chasing vehicle, and specifically designed as a mobile command center for flying UAVs.

Year: 1999
Make: Ford
Model: F-350 CC
Miles: 280,000
Motor: 7.3 Powerstroke (Straight pipe with Donaldson air filter)
Location: Marietta, GA
Price: $19,000 OBO

This vehicle began its life as a South Georgia ambulance. It was retired in 2017 and purchased by me to begin the build. The sole purpose of this truck was to build a comfortable vehicle that we could spend multiple days on the road in. We have flown several UAV missions during tornado season from AL to TX to MT. There are so many things list with this build, but I will hit on the big points:


-06 F-350 Dana 60 (4.10) front axle swap with coils and Fox 2.0 shocks
-Dual Fox 2.0 BDS steering stabilizer
-Vision 181 19.5" commercial wheels
-285/70r19.5 Michelin XDE (95% tread)
-Trail Fab front bumper
- 2008 mirror conversion
-Raptor Liner bed lined exterior
-Dual Mechman Alternators
-6.0 Transcooler with gauge
-52" Front LED light bar
-52" Rear LED light bar
-2 4" LED pods per side on the rear (4 total)
-14 LED programmable strobes
-PA/Siren Combo
-CB Radio


-L = 137" W = 88" H = 65"
-Completely remodeled interior with rubber floor matting and marine grade carpet with insulated walls
-420 Amp hour house battery bank with Blue Sea ACR
-4000W inverter
-RED/WHITE Led interior lighting
-10" Sub w/ Amp
-4 6"x9" Kicker ceiling speakers
-Red Dot Rear HVAC Unit
-Husky toolbox
-Wooden top workbench
-82" bench seating that slides out and becomes a bed
-Antenna mast with coax cables for long range UAV system
-Switch panel for all lighting (strobes, exterior and interior lighting)

Things that can be addressed:

-Belt screeches on start up with dual alternator setup (may need a new tensioner or 0.5" shorter belt under stock)
-Some of the strobe wiring needs to be inspected as some of the strobes are not synced (ground connections need to be loctite)
-ABS light comes on from the 06 axle being installed (does not affect driveability)
This truck is not perfect, but is a great foundation for an adventure truck, mobile workshop, or public safety vehicle. The truck runs and drives great (no check engine lights).

I have full records of the truck since it was purchased as an ambulance in 1999. All major issues were addressed during its time as an ambulance, and has made several cross country trips to Tornado Alley in the past few years with no mechanical issues. The truck has a clean Georgia title and is ready for adventure.

I am selling this truck in order to put efforts and finances towards a newer Super Duty for a disaster relief ministry I am a part of.
Asking $19,000 OBO. NO TRADES. Send me an offer, the worst I can say is no! I will try to answer any questions as best as possible!


Should have left the red lights on it.

First, you are one of the only other Warrens I've seen and appreciate your work!

Second, all of the lights on the ambulance were originally halogen. We swamped them over to clear and amber LED strobes when we reconfigured the wiring, and to hopefully comply with most state regulations. Although, it would have left a sense of urgency to wherever we were going šŸ˜†.

I attached some more pictures of the build process:


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