SPC site speed

Mike Hollingshead

Anyone else notice how much slower spc stuff seems to be this year? I don't think it is my isp as other stuff seems fine. Sure, the traffic on it would be up right now, but that much? Is there anything in the works to get it up to speed?

I'm sure having all that stuff constantly auto-refreshing doesn't help bandwidth issues....like the mesoanalysis pages. Is there any need for them to auto-update?

Edit: I see mesoanalysis is running fine, but spc no load...and note the added .ncep.noaa.gov in there for that.
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I noticed it on last Friday's chase, and again today from time to time. Definitely not as responsive as last year.

Must not be a bandwidth issue as it is flying now. I doubt the traffic just up and went away that quickly and drastically.
Mike, I did notice that the SPC/NWS sites

were very slow to update when the KS tornado watch box was issued. I found out from a friend who heard from a TV meteorologist. Then the Nexlab showed the watch boxes but the above listed sites still didn't show the watch box for a while. I didn't document the exact time of updating but it was very slow.

Bill Hark
It's been awful today...I think the server is slightly overloaded :)...we've been having site speed problems at NCDC too. Lots of people ordering data these days!
The site seems to be running very well right now. I hope this doesn't jinx it.

COD and the crh.gov pages are running very slow however.
Anyone know where the servers are physically located? Since last year the SPC has moved from their old location to the National Weather Center (opposite sides of Norman.) I've noticed the SPC and NWS sites are a lot slower on severe weather days, probably because everyone is trying to look at watches, warnings, etc.