Snow in Oklahoma, Severe storms in Arkansas.

Dec 13, 2003
Wellston, Oklahoma
Well...after weeks of unseasonably high temps in Oklahoma, what do we get tonight...snow. Up to 4" forecast in North-Central Oklahoma, although with ground temps as warm as they are, no real problems are expected. Snow advisories extend into Kansas and Missouri, with Heavy Snow warnings in far Eastern Kansas and parts of Missouri. SO far, no snow here in Central Oklahoma (Lincoln County), but I hear reports of Moderate to Heavy snowfall just to the Northwest a few counties.


Sevier County in SW Arkansas is under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 11:45 PM (just expiring). Interesting weather so far this year...maybe a sign of things to come?


So much for no problems:

TROOP J- Road conditions are starting to become slick and hazardous with visibility in places being less then 200 yards in Woods, Alfalfa and Major County as snow continues to fall. Blaine County has had reports of bridges and overpasses becoming slick with a light snow fall.