Skywarn.... music?

Oh, check out the rest for even more comedy gold.

Southern region pages are taking forever to load tonight, so it may be best to try later. Particularly interesting is the presence of death in almost every song. We have kind of a running joke that eventually there will just be a song called "DIE DIE DIE" and the lyrics will be him just yelling "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!" over and over.
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I thought the bumper stickers, amber lights, and hamsexy setups were bad enough...

How embarrassing...

Yeah I think we should ALL chase in plain white government issue Dodge Stratus cars with nothing more than a roadmap and a forecast made at 6 am, only chase the most perfect setups, drive well under the speed limit, never shoot video much less sell it, same goes for photography, and whatever we do, make sure to calculate ever single move we ever make so that in can't possibly, in any way whatsoever make any other chaser appear in the least bit bad way, and we should take the same steps to make sure we never do anything whatsoever different from any other chaser decides we should be doing. Diversity and individualism in storm chasing is the LAST thing we need! /sarcasm off
You're kidding... right? I mean.... Oh, I gotcha.... :D

John (who is backside deep in alligators, neck deep in doo-doo, lost his shovel and no one is draining the swamp!)

P.S. Humor folks, nothing more than dry humor....
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Besides... everyone knows we should be using Dodge Neons or Honda Civics.

Better gas milage.

Don't laugh, I sometimes chase in a '89 Civic! :lol: 80 mph is more of a long term goal for this car.

Good ol' Lieutenant Dan; he may not have good legs, but he's not afraid of rushing into the hail.
I'm wondering when the first "Songs of the Chase" CD comes out, seems like only a matter of time now :wink:.

Nonetheless, good songs :).
These are some great songs....they had me rolling!! :lol: :lol:
I guess I might be a little tired too...but oh well, very funny stuff. :wink: