Rocky's SDS relief gathering is on!!!

Hey folks! Wow........I made it back on here!! Just to let you know that the chaser picnic/gathering is on for this Sunday, 2pm at my farm here north of Piedmont, OK.

As of now, I only have about 6, maybe 7 that said they'd come for sure a
few others may show, so I don't expect my place to be busting at the seams with too many people...If you do intend on making an appearance, your more than welcome, just let me know preferably by noon on Saturday as I will be purchasing some burgers, chicken and bratwursts and pop maybe nice enough to sit outside and have a barbecue if the latest ETA has its way.

So come tell a few tall tales and a video to support them... Go to
Mapquest or Yahoo maps...type in my address: 5504 Hall Rd. NW Piedmont, OK
73078 and you'll get directions. I'm pretty easy to find. You can also call

Home: 405-373-5097
Cell: 405-226-2996
Work: 405-773-2291 9a-1p Friday 2/11

Look forward in seeing you!
I thing there is a house there. I havn't talked to him since yesterday.
Maybe that picture was taken after one of the Chaser get-to-gathers.