Rocky' and Dee's annual stormchaser's picnic !!

This Saturday May 21 1pm, My wife and I will be hosting our annual Stormchaser's roundup! Plan on stopping by for some food, drink and sharing our tall tales of our close calls with mother nature! We will provide everything.. just bring yourself and if you like an edited video to back up those tall tales to show!

Location of picnic is at our farm 5 miles NW of Piedmont, OK. The address is 5504 Hall Rd. NW Piedmont, OK. Use your favourite mapping software to get here or just call us at 405-373-5097 and we'll provide you directions. A minimum of 5 dollars donation per person would be greatly appreciated. Expect the grills going with hot dogs, burgers, assorted snacks etc.. and beverages. Pool will be open if you care for a swim. This is a family event so bring the kids if you like.

As of now, I think we have a decent chance of this date happening as we'll be in between weather systems.. however, if there is a slight risk AND at least a 2% chance of tornadoes between I-20 in TX./Eastern TX. PH, south of I-70 in KS. or west of the OK/AR. border, then the picnic will be cancelled until the following Saturday May 28th, same time. If that date has the potential for severe weather, then the last possible date is the following Saturday.

Dee and I have enjoyed hosting this get together at our farm over the years as a way to give back to the chaser community who has given so much to me in my 29 years of chasing storms here on the plains. It would be great to see you even if you can only come by for a brief visit. Please RSVP by Friday afternoon so I'll know how many folks we can expect. If there is an impending severe event for this Sat., then I'll announce it the evening before. Input is welcome on that, as I think it could be a close call.

Looking forward in seeing you here if we can pull this off

THE PICNIC IS ON FOR TOMORROW, SAT. MAY 21 1PM!! Risks for SVR. WX. in eastern KS. in my opinion is too borderline not to have it, so please stop by if you can. Refer to initial post for details. Hope to see you!!
Hey Rocko!!! Dude, I'll definitely make it out there for a burger, and some hot dogs! Sweet, See ya there man!
Rocky, add three more -- myself (David Hoadley) and two chase friends: Gregg Guise (Virginia) and Terry Schenk (Florida).
I once had a dream that we saw a tornado from my farm during a chaser's picnic. Could today be the day?? Picnic is still on 1pm.. despite the forecast. Stop by, get some food, look at some data and decide then. My wife was up half the night preparing for today. Really hope you can make it, even it's for an hour or two. Haven't looked at much data yet but I'm really hoping convection will hold off until late in the day, so that will give you some time to stop by if possible. I think next year I may hold this picnic after the main chase season, like maybe August. The last few years have been too close of calls based on weather conditions. Address is 5504 Hall Rd. NW Piedmont, OK. Call for directions at 405-373-5097 or 405-226-2996. Looking forward in seeing you if you can make it.
Clyve, Michael and I are on our way from Pratt...will definitely be there around 1sh!!....will likely chase afterwards..Looking very much forward to meeting you all!!
Good morning, Rocky. Thanks, so much, for hosting another picnic. On behalf of Dave Hoadley and Greg Guise, we see an opportunity to chase today north of our current location (Ponca City) so we will not be able to attend. It was a difficult decision for us as we would love to be there but, since we are all from the east coast and are out to chase for a limited time, we felt the need to chase today. We will catch up with you later to help defray some of your out of pocket expenses for the picnic. Have a good day and God bless.

Hello ROcky, i`ve been to the 2008 picnic.. It was great.

I`m on vacation in Cancun and just heard in the news that Piedmont has been severely hit by a tornado. I hope all of you are ok and there`s no damage to your place. I`ve seen some pictures of the damages and it seems quite extensive. Whish you well .
I once had a dream that we saw a tornado from my farm during a chaser's picnic. Could today be the day?? .

Your dream was partially true as we did see the developing tornadic storm from the party and later successfully intercepted a beautiful tornado. Thank you very much for hosting a wonderful party. My friends and I had a great time. We are also glad that your place was missed by the May 24th tornadoes.

Bill Hark