Random sightings on chase trips

Dan Robinson

Thought I'd start this thread for photos and miscellaneous items of interest that we run across during a chase expedition, or 'cats and dogs' as Gene Moore calls them. Here are a few of mine from the past few days:

- May 27: Very bright, long-lasting 'earthgrazer' meteor in the western Missouri sky sometime between 12AM and 1AM CDT. No photo, it happened too fast.

- May 27: Searchlight beams rotating in the sky in almost every town along I-44 in Missouri during the night, from St. Louis all the way to Joplin. What's the occasion?

May 30 - Fog on mountain near Des Moines, NM

May 30 - Snow on a tornado day! Rockies visible near Trinidad:

June 1 - Curling features on cumulus near Amarillo:


May 29 - Wind devices spin together

May 31 - Classic caprock sunset

June 1 - What chase trip would be complete without a stop here?

Encountered a black llama in the back of a pickup truck in Texas, now this in Kansas. Maybe Jared Hess got some ideas while chasing the Great Plains:
A face only a mother could love. New Mexico.


He keeps watch over Interstate 25.


Alien in a tube. Roswell, New Mexico.


The road to the Chalk Pyramids in western Kansas. See Tim Vasquez's Storm Chaser Handbook.


Bill Hark
I saw an Allsups for the first time when I was visiting my brother in ABQ at the end of April. It was great! ;)
Anyone who hasn't yet seen my 2002-2003 highlights video yet might get a kick outta this one....Still one of my all-time favorite chase pics! :lol:
Taken in Seymour TX, May 29, 2002.


A truck full of fire hydrants on I-70 on May 11, 2005... one of the oddities I actually have a picture of...


I wish I had a picture of what Jon and Eric were looking at in the picture above... I'm sure that was random...
Bill: beautiful shots, especially the snake! Very nice.

This is more related to the Funny Signs thread awhile back, but I feel obligated to report that the hilarious position of the sign proclaiming russell, KS, to be home of US Senators Bob Dole and Arlen Spector next to a sign for Lion's Den porn is no more.

The porn sign is still there; the sign proclaiming Russell as home of Dole and Spector is gone.

True power has revealed itself.