New Storm Chasing Pics

the first 2 links im confused about. This topic is supposed to be about storm chase pics, at least thats what the title was telling me. The 3rd link is very interesting. Not one cloud in any of those pictures in the third link are natural. I have witnessed days like the one u had the day u took those pictures. The type of day I am talking about is the one where you wake up in the morning to a bright and sunny day without a cloud in the sky. Then all at once during a given time period(30min-3 1/2 hours) the sky will begin to fill up with streaks in the air. Now of course we all know where those streaks come from and what causes the streaks to form but why in some cases do the streaks linger and in most cases spread out over a given time up to x30 times its original size? I have observed up to 63 "Streaks" on one day over a 3 1/2 hr period and within 90 min the sky was overcast. The clouds in the third link are man made. I wont go any further than saying that but I have seen this before.