Apr 17, 2006
Owasso Oklahoma
I was looking at some of the new electronic releases at the 2009 CES, in March Sony will release two new cameras based off the SR12/11 cameras. It appears the XR520V may have a 50% improvement in low light along with a 240 GB hard drive. It also adds GPS tagging to your tape.

It appears Sony obtains the low light improvement by putting a new CMOS sensor and technology that allows more light to the sensor. Popular Science runs a story this month on it also listing it as a night vision camcorder. Here is one link to the CES news.
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Looks like a pretty decent upgrade by Sony on the consumer cam side of the market, and a pretty decent retail price. Just by looking I kind of like the placement and ergonomics of the focus control, and 12.1 mp still ability is pretty crazy. I am guessing that this is just the beginning of what will be an ever changing consumer camcorder market, if you buy this cam, by this time next year it will be old news and an even better one will come out cheaper than what you paid for yours, been through that before, the Camcorder I have was introduced at $1700 and two years later better ones were selling for $500. I'll likely stick with my current cam for one more year, and then hopefully the Low Light quality on the HD cams will have vastly improved, and I'll demote the current one to dash cam and upgrade.
Another feature that was covered on this camera is the new Steady Shot Active Mode that allows almost a tripod looking shot from handheld. If this is true it would help for the quick jump out shots. The new G lens is what they have developed for the FX1000 that just came out and their DSLR cameras so it should be a very good lens.