Video Camera Options

Apr 1, 2004
My VX2100 has crapped out so it's time to buy a new video camera. I have looked at quite a few and I'm pretty set on going with one of the Sony HD handicams. Here are links to the two cameras I'm leaning towards...

There is a whole list of the Sony HD cameras here too...

The two I'm looking at are new, but I was also considering getting one of last years models since they are cheaper now. I don't know much about video cameras though so I'm not real sure on what to do. If anybody has any advice on which of the two cameras I should get or if they think I should go with a different camera on that list please let me know. I love to have any and all advice I can get.

My reason for posting this though is I wanted to know if most people are sticking with mini dv cameras or have most of you switched over to the internal hard drive or memory stick cameras? It seems like there aren't hardly any mini dv cameras left. I'm not sure which way to go. It makes me feel a little more comfortable having tapes so then I know I have a backup source of my video vs. having it only on the computer after I upload it. Does anybody have any suggestions or preferences on which option is better?
Hey Mikey,

I'm leaning on the XR500 or XR520. The 12 megapixel still capture capabilities will probably allow the camcorder to replace (or at least equal) my advanced point and shoot still camera. These cameras also have an updated CMOS which is supposed to improve the low light capabilities. I also like the huge 240 GB harddrive on the 520 because I could let that camera record for two days straight and not run out of room. I'd rather just let the camera record everything then worry about if I'm in recording or standby mode, and with that capacity I won't run out of space on a chase vacation. I'm not sure about the models you posted about, actually. I'll need to do some researchto see how much the performance differs.
I have the first unit you posted and absolutely love it!!! Crystal clear video and it has a pretty nice low light option on it as well! I still have a Mini DV camcorder that I use from time to time, but even that video goes on the computer anymore.

I've never had a problem with the internal hard drive on mine. Usually I pull the video off of mine fairly quick and I have an external hard drive that I store all of my media on. It saves space on my PC, and I know if the PC crashes, I still have all of my data on that external drive. Kind of an added security blanket.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your purchase.
I've pretty much made up my mind on that camera too Kris. I like the option of tagging locations while I'm out chasing. That added feature pretty much makes up my mind for me.
I've used external hard drives before. I had stored all my video on one and it broke. Whenever I would plug it in it would make some clicking sound. Right now I have my video on my laptop and on the original mini dv tapes. I need to get a home pc and upload all my video to that (only have laptops right now).
For about $300 more you could get the XR500v. This has a new G lens, new CMOS chip for low light, New stabilization feature, which is pretty nice from what I have seen. Several of these features would be a plus for chasing. I was thinking hard on this before I bought a new vx2100.
As long as this is on the video camera subject, does anyone here ever use any wide angle lens' on their HD vid camera? If so, whats the experience with it? Is there anything I need to know really before buying one, probably going to get one off of Ebay. I figured maybe I should know what Im looking for first.
I am also looking for a wide angle lens to put on top of my Casio Exilim EX F1 .
it has 62mm size
B&H offers an Impact x 0.65 and a Raynox x 0.7 or 0.3 .
what would you recommend ?