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FS: Sony HDR-HC3 HDV Camcorder

Given the fluidity in the market, I'm not sure if I'll be able to spark any interest here or not, but figured I'd at least present it here before trying other avenues (goal is to avoid the debacle that is Ebay)...

I'm selling a Sony HC3 High Definition Camcorder, it's just under 2 years old and can't have more than 40 hours of video recorded (really probably more like 25 hours)...It comes with all original accessories, including HD cord, Remote, Charger and the rest... Also included is an extended life battery, the largest one they make for the Camera, normally good for at least 300 minutes. It also includes a full replacement transferable warranty, valid for another 2 years; the warranty covers everything, even accidental damages (you run the thing over, they'll fix or replace it).

Best Place for Info and Specs on the Camcorder...


Let me know if you have any questions!
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