Blue Ray Camcorder

Apr 8, 2005
Florence, SC
I just read a pop Sci Article on the first blue ray camcorder by Hitachi.

The Hitachi Big Shot DZ-BD7HA

To store one hour of HD video requires either 1mini Blu-ray disc, 1HDV cassette, 5 mini DVDs, 7.5 gigs of HD space on its internal hard drive.

It also can record in standard definition. And claims that you dont need to spend an afternoon importing and converting video on your computer.

1920 X 1080 pixel resolution makes it full HD. 80 mins of battery life

Pricing looks to be around 1300$ without the internal HD and 1500 with the HD which allows for basic editing on the camera and then burn it to disc.

Im wondering how this would compare to other HD camcorders such as the sony HDR-FX1.
According to the specs listed in the manual, this camera records HD with the H.264 codec compression (AVCHD). H.264 is an HD MPEG-4 codec used on the BluRay discs, similar to how MPEG-4 is used on standard-definition DVDs. There are quite a few cameras out now by various manuafacturers that do AVCHD to either hard drive or flash memory.