Good deal on a Sony 40Gig video cam DCR-SR65

Slickdealers caught wind of this one - OOS online. In-store pickup will probably be hit and miss. Good luck!
Still a pretty good deal and I am thinking about buying one for a dashcam
All the stores around here (Denver) have "In Store in 16 - 18 days**." listed. Anyone else getting the same? I suppose that means that it is not in stock and by the time it will be, the offer will be over ...
Yeah, same thing for KC, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, KS. They probably had a few hundred of them, and now are enjoying the heavy traffic to their website.

I don't see it on their website, but I went to Circuit City on Friday and purchased a Sony HDR-HC5 for $475.00 as they are getting newer models in. It was advertised as $545.00 (which is still a good deal) but it rang in cheaper. It wasn't a refurb or an open box either.

BH has them for 689.85 here. Usually Circuit City/Best Buy are a hundred or two over their prices.

The low-light seems pretty good for the price (2 lux and 0 lux with nightshot) and the touch screen is a little annoying, but a lot quicker to focus to infinity than the joystick on my old Panasonic. Image Stabilization has definitely stepped up from the Panasonic too.

You can use old mini-dv tapes with it too, as well as the Memory Stick Duo deal. I like it so far! I couldn't afford the Canon HV-20, but this looks like it will work!
mine is showing 14 to 16 days and I just placed an order for one

You have reached this page because the product you selected is no longer available on our site, or is temporarily out of stock due to high demand.

that's my luck. I tried 3 stores here in my area east & west Wichita and El Dorado. All give that same error.