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monsoon on?

seems early for us to be into the s/west monsoon season....

anyone have stats on start up dates?
and if it starts early does that affect the end date?

its been 5 consecutive days here in CA that weve had towers in the desert.....
If it has indeed started up and you could correlate with the 2006 severe weather season....it should be ending any day now.
I'm pretty sure Tucson has 'officially' made it. We needed only one more day...


Thw SW has seen a somewhat more humid early summer than usual, with several bursts of storm activity in June. Driving to California early in the month, I enjoyed storms much of the way, geting the rain/lightning treatment in Phx, Kingman, N. Las Vegas, and while crossing the Inyo/White mountains, east of Big Pine. (I was keen to photograph the Bristlecones at twilight, with lightning accents, but the storms drifted away as I waited. FARK!)

At any rate, it's been nice and humid and stormy here in S. Az for the last 8~10 days. After suffering high clouds and piss-poor lapse rates early in the week, the upper air has since dried/cooled slightly, allowing the afternoon/evening storms to do fairly well. I've enjoyed good lightning chasing 4 nights in a row.

The southern flow still isn't going full-chat, but it's producing enough action to keep us entertained.
After enduring the Dog Days of May and June, the Thunderstorm Season is always welcome!