Mississippi coast winds

The University of Florida T0 site site near Bay St Louis Miss. was showing gusts as high as 107 mph (depending on the sample rate). This was a little stronger than the T1 site near New Orleans.

It hasn't updated in 40 minutes though and it looks like the strongest part of the storm is coming onshore there.

I'll be VERY interested to see the wind logs from the Slidell NWSFO. Wonder what the surge will be in Bay Saint Louis (I think that's the place, that's what GRlevel3 is giving me).
Bay St. Louis was one of the areas that was devistated by Camille. The bay is expecting to get 20 foot surge. Right now just to the east side of the bay the most intense part of the eye wall is training over the area. I wouldn't be suprised to see some of the worse damage in this area E to gulfport. Law enforcement estimates that only 50% of the people evacuated out of this area. I hope everyone is OK, but I am afraid we will see a high death toll here.
The Beau Rivage hotel and casino (located in Gulfport) is reporting they have water coming in the second floor of the hotel. The hotel is right on the gulf, but it is built up about 20 feet. They are also reporting many windows blown out and moderate structure damage.
Diamondhead, Mississippi

Was Diamondhead, Mississippi built around the time of Camille?


I thought it was a very nice resort/planned community, right at the north end of the bay. Hope people got out of there as well.[/img]
Boats are crossing Hwy 90 on the Ms coast.

Great pic of the Beau. You see that parking garage right next to the hotel? That is where I wanted to be but was scared of the possibility of the hotel collapsing or erosion taking out the garage structure. It made a great spot for Cindy, but that isn't the same thing.

Apartment complex collapse on the W. Bank of NO.
The WLOX news web site (Biloxi) reports roof damage at the station.


Has anyone found any other good sources of up-to-date Gulf Coast news? Any stations doing good streaming coverage that isn't purely focused on N.O. at this point?
CNN reports

The storm's eastern eye wall was approaching Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi.

Authorities in Gulfport told CNN that 10 feet of water cover downtown streets.

"There is intense damage," said CNN's Gary Tuchman from Gulfport. "We are watching the dismantling of a beautiful town."

"We are watching these building deteriorate and break down before our eyes," he said. "Because the water is so deep, boats are floating up the street. There is extensive damage here. This is essentially right now like hell on earth."

In Biloxi, CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano reported that wind gusts topping 100 mph were starting to pull the roofs off of nearby buildings.

TWC has reported storm surge flooding at the military retirement home 27 feet above sea level in the Gulfport area where Jim Cantore and his crew were riding out the storm.