Map plotting self tutorial

Dec 26, 2004
Booneville, KY
I was just doing a search for something else when I happened across something interesting. I know lots of people new to forecasting have difficulty in locating warm fronts, cold fronts, etc. This site will give you a surface map and allow you to click on sections to plot the positions of such features. Then after you plot it, it will give you the correct answers, showing what you got correct and what you missed. It will also give hints for how to better locate these features.

Anyway, I thought it was somewhat interesting and might be useful in this forum. Might be fun for you to play around with sometime when you're bored.


THANKS for posting that - good stuff. I'm actually doing a map plotting exercise in my meteorology class and that's kinda neat to look at a experiment with.

Thanks again,
Jason Toft