Katrina worst hurricane to date?

Geoff Boyle

By the looks of things already, one would think Katrina has surpassed Andrew, Hugo and the rest. Not just in the cost, but the death toll too.

I was wondering if you guys thought the same thing.
FEMA just called it the most significant natural disaster ever in the US.

When you add it up the cost will be the highest ever, I'm pretty confident of that.
Dollars, yes. Death toll, I doubt it. The worst hurricane in US history, as everyone is aware, was the Galveston, TX hurricane of 1900. Offical death toll in that 'cane was 8000. Some say it was more like 12,000. I pray the death toll don't surpass that.

If they don't get those people out of the superdome (where supposedly people are still being evacuated INTO)...