Joplin, MO, Area


Hi. I'm a journalist for the The Joplin Globe, and the Joplin area normally has a lot of tornado and severe storm warnings this time of year.

I am looking for a storm chaser to tag along with on some of his or her chases in the area and write a story about the process in order to give a fresh perspective to this exciting and potentially dangerous time of year.

Anyone near the SW part of Missouri would work.

Storms are a passion for many people on staff at The Joplin Globe. If you're interested in letting a journalist follow you on a couple of your chases in the SW part of Missouri then send an email to [email protected].

Put the words "Storm Chaser" in the subject, please. Thanks.
I got an email from someone at the Joplin Globe about coming with me this season, not sure if it was you or someone else...

If the Joplin Globe can help me get out of my $2,000 Credit Card Debt, I'd be glad to take you all chasing for a week with me :D

Actually though, I'm not doing a whole lot of chasing this year.. I am working on getting my $2,000 credit card paid off and having a tough time with it because the interest on it is just eating me alive.

If I get it paid off soon by selling all my photography gear, then I'll be back in the game next season.