Geocities Yahoo Web Hosting Deal

Hey gang,

I just logged in to do my monthly site maintanance when I saw that Geocities-Yahoo upgraded my service. Apparently, they have upgraded their packages at the same price. For instance, I am currently paying $11.95/month for a web server that once held 50 megs but has been upgraded to 2 gigs!!! I also get 25 gigs a month in transfer, so it was a HUGE upgrade! I wanted to pass along this deal to anyone hosting a website that may be interested. There are tons of cool other things, too..

Yahoo Small Business Webhosting Starting at $11.95

Oh yeah, the $25 setup fee is also being waived, so now would be a great time for anyone looking to upgrade/move/start a site to do so!

And yes, I do use Yahoo for my webhosting as well...

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