Future Canes(short-term)

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Mike Hollingshead

I just wonder if a forecasting type thread might be a good sticky item in this forum. Looking at the last couple GFS runs it looks like another cane forming.


Not sure if this is a good place or not to be talking about the potential systems ahead, but thought it might just be the best place right now. Delete if it is pointless.
This thread can serve for forecast discussions for storms that have not yet formed. Once advisories are initiated for a storm, any further discussion will be diverted to a thread in the Map Room forum, where forecast discussion of current storms is permitted (discussion of current storms is not allowed in this forum). Until that time, you can discuss the development of possible tropical systems here.
Perhaps the similar thread I already started, called "W. Atlantic/Gulf Tropical Outlook: Sep. 5 - 15" could be deleted in favor of this one. I'm also concerned about the general precip outlook for the gulf coast.