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DVD: Lubacca 2009 - Ridonkulous

Available for sale @ $20.00 (click here) or trade (message me)...


Lubacca 2009 - Ridonkulous [ORDER HERE] $20.00
Includes over 100 minutes of footage the following chase events...

February 8 - New Mexico Severe Storms
March 7 - Kansas Severe Storms
March 21 - Colorado LP Supercell
April 26 - Oklahoma Tornadoes
April 29 - Texas Tornadoes
June 5 - Amazing Wyoming Tornado
June 10 - Surprise Kansas Tornado
June 13 - Colorado Mega Hailstorm
June 17 - Nebraska Tornado Outbreak
July 17 - Destructive Colorado Hailstorm

You can order this DVD along with my previous DVDs are the link below..


This DVD was completely produced by me and I am very excited with this year's release not only for the footage, but how I edited and authored this DVD. I hope you will enjoy this entire production from start to finish!
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I purchased Tony's DVD almost 2 weeks ago, and finally had the opportunity to watch it this afternoon. The editing is smooth and well done, and I liked how time and places are very accurately tracked. There is a nice balance of commentary and music infused into the editing and of course some excellent footage as one would expect. Some funny moments that make you chuckle and a nice compilation of highlights from the chases of 09 at the end. A thumbs up from me for this DVD and IMO would be a worthwhile addition to anyone's chase DVD library.
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Doesn't the driver on the March 7th storms get a free copy? :p
Just got done watching it! As always Tony does it up right.

Editing is smooth, even has some neat tricks and excellent sound track!

Great job Tony!
Those that ordered over the last couple of days, they went out today, so be watching for them! :) Thanks again and hope you enjoy!

For everyone else, still have quite a few copies available and ready to go! The link to my ordering page is below..


All four DVDs are available on this page including the 4-disc collection that will save you $15 if you are really eager for some severe weather fun!

Great Christmas presents, each of them, so if you're still seeking a weather nerd's gift, definitely give mine a look.

Thanks again all!
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Tony's DVD kicks some ridonkulous a**! What a great production in a year dictated by a lot of down time with a few significant events. Tony's DVD does a great job of flowing well and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Great job Tony! 5-stars!
For those attending the Storm Chaser Convention, I will have a limited number of my Lubacca Chase DVDs in tow for purchase. They'll be $20 each or the entire 4-DVD set for $60.