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Chasing Bonnie and Clyde (I mean Charley)

Looks like the Gulf Coast is going to get the hell thwacked out of them over the next 4 - 10 days.

Anyone going to head towards the Florida Panhandle to chase these systems?
Looks like you will need to take your own supplies and good maps to dodge authority roadblocks. :iroc:
Charley's looking the most organized from the latest satellite images — it could be hurricane strangth by the time it gets within chaseable range.
I have a buddy going down to Florida for vacation at the end of the week actually he left today. I talked to him and told him he was going at the worst time since there are two possible storms heading towards the area.

He didn't care. He told me the last time he went down to Florida for a vacation was when Andrew struck :shock: :shock: OOPS! I told him that maybe he should stay out of Florida since he has the worst timing. He didn't listen though.

So I told him that if he was going get some good pictures so I can share them with all of you. We will see what happens! :D :wink:
I posted a question about plywood on stucco homes also in weather and chasing.

FYI, my sister is in Valrico, in eastern Hillsborough county, east of Tampa.

I'll be on the phone with her through the storm, as long as landline and cell service lasts, and will post what she tells me in target area.

I could probably get a hold of one of my cousins down there, I think she might be one to get interested in keeping track of the weather and that sort of thing.

I go to see my Mom and Dad tomorrow, I'll find out where she is, and see if I can get her into this then.