Chaser Gathering - Vista in Norman, OK - Friday, April 8

I enjoyed my first Norman conclave at the famed Vista and had a blast tonight, meeting everybody and swapping old war stories, jawing about Sunday's potential or lack thereof. Was very glad to be there.

Ditto for us as well. I owe one to Amos and JR, who both snuck my drinks onto their tabs at some point when I was blabbing away about Sunday. Great to see everyone again, and hope to do it real soon after some tornadoes!!!!
Shane, keep sometime from mid to late August open (this goes for everyone else too) . I'm going to have a little get together when I get back to Norman! :)

Let me know if anyone puts pictures up! I'd love to see some familiar faces :-D
Sounds great Moon!!! We'll be in Pennsylvania the weekend of either August 6th or 13th, but we'll be back around mid-month at the latest.
I have a couple of pics I'll put up later. Had a great time! Was suprised and happy to see and chat with Eric Nguyen and Amos Magliocco. Kathy was glad Shane brought Jo giving her someone to chat with about non-weather stuff. It was great getting to discuss everone's thoughts on Sunday, along with making fun of those people not there.
Just wanted to let all of you know that I really enjoyed the evening! I had a great time shooting the breeze with all of you...I especially enjoyed talking about chase strategies for tomorrow!