Chaser Gathering - September 2nd

(Thanks Aaron for stickying this for me!)

Hey guys!!

As some of you may know, I'm back from Australia. This can only mean one thing: it's time for a chaser gathering!!!

Where: Norman, Oklahoma at the Summerpointe Apartments Clubhouse (which is on the corner of Brooks and 12th Ave).

Directions...Exit I-35 Highway 9 East (I believe exit 108A) and head east on Hwy 9 for a few miles. Exit to the right (there will be a bridge right before the exit) onto US 77 and head north a few miles. To stay on Hwy 77, it is necessary to turn at a light. DON'T TURN AT THIS LIGHT...keep going straight, and the road becomes 12th Ave. You'll go about another mile and hit the intersection of 12th and Lindsey Street (major intersection). Go straight through the intersection and Summerpointe is a few blocks north on the left (blueish apartments). The clubhouse is located in the middle of the apartment complex near the pool.

When: Friday, September 2nd at 7:30 PM CDT (the day before the first football game so all you Normanites had better be in town)

What to bring:Videos/DVD's from this past season, alcohol (BYOB), and a swimsuit if you wanna take a dip in the pool!!!

I'll have plenty of good food (BBQ, Tex Mex, desserts, etc) and soda, and of course there will be plenty of great entertainment! Also if anyone wants to come from out of town, there is plenty of room to crash on my futon/floor at my apartment (which is not at Summerpointe). Please let me know if you can make it either on here or PM or E-mail.

Hope to see all of you there!!!
I am with Bert. Or is that Ernie? (JR) lol

If it's cool with you I'l make it. IT will be nice to hang out with new and old faces.
If there is anything I need to bring $$$ or anything else just let me know.

I'm in. My next video comes out September 1 so this will be a semi-release party for me as well, cool beans.

BTW Moon, welcome back.
thinking about it since it will be around Labor Day, i think. It all depends on if my car wants to go that way or not.

I will keep you posted Melissa. It would be good to see some of the crew again from this year.
Hey Moon,

If you still want J.R's kegerator, I think we found a solution for getting it to the party. Just let me know if this is still cool so we can make plans.
Friendly reminder that the party is tomorrow!!! Bring your videos/DVD's!

Also I changed the food. We're now having pizza, so I hope everyone is cool with that.

See you there!!!
Well I still plan on being there tonight, along with JR, Shane, and Chad. I also think my wife is coming as well.

Now Milissa if you need me to bring anything let me know because I will be more that happy to help out.

Really wanted to make it, but I will be loading trucks with the Red Cross tonight. Hopefully the next time.

Once again, welcome back home Melissa.
Many thanks to Melissa for a great party this evening. Lots of video and good food, not to mention good company!! Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday evening!!