Chaser Gathering - Vista in Norman, OK - Friday, April 8

Afraid we'll be missing this one, as the IRS has decided to hold our refund because they "need proof of residency regarding claimed dependents." As we were counting on this money as a huge part of our chasing fund, we're basically broke now and hoping like hell the weather doesn't start going crazy before we can convince the f*cking government that our money is OUR money.
Might be there... I already had plans for this Friday!
Should we try and have it more than a few days in advance? Might get a bit better attendance?

You are probably right Aaron. I just found out this evening that although my wife will be gone my son will not be going to is mothers for the weekend. So that may very well put me out now. We shall see.

Well, I'm long as there is still interest. I suppose if it'd be just JR and I, we should probably hold off until next weekend.

Unless there is more interest by tomorrow evening I think we can wait and try again next Friday, April 8. Sorry about the short notice. I have changed the topic to now show date as April 8... work for you guys?
Having just moved here to Norman, I would certainly enjoy meeting other local chasers. Sounds fun... and it would be nice to have a "look see" sometime to share in ideas, chase vehicle designs, gadgets, etc. and to share DVDs, videos, etc.

There was a meeting early last month with some locals here along with the local E.M. at the vo-tech, but unless you're "in the click", wasn't much of a welcome wagon greeting to the "new guy".

Anyhooo... it would be nice to meet all of you. Gees, with the price of gas these days, and getting higher with every breath, could build some potential chase partnerships !!

Sounds good to me. By the way, if we could prepare another meet and greet, since I teach at the U.S. Postal Training Center... I could arrange for a VERY nice meeting room here at our facility, with refreshments and projectors to share videos and have folks provide talks.

Our facilities are very nice if you're not familiar with our place out here just east of Norman on Hwy. 9. Check it out...

Looking forward to meeting all of you !!

Don't feel on an island about not getting the down-home greeting in Norman. This place is home to the most chasers per capita of any place on Earth, yet sees the least chaser comoradary of any place on Earth. There are tons of small cliques of chasers around, each thinking their sh*t doesn't stink and looking down their noses at the others. The only relief from this pathetic reality is the small group of "yahoos" who actually socilaize and hang out on occasion at local pubs.

No 5-star resturants, $100 bottles of wine, or PhD caliber mentality needed to be a part of the fun. Social chasers do exist in Norman, b ut we're far and few between. So be there next Friday and we'll put a few (dozen) down and chew the fat about chasing, romance, elitism, and anything else you can think of.
Sounds good Shane, I agree about the elitism part - no fun. One of these days I'm gonna have to just jump in the truck and head up there to slam down a few beers with you Norman folk. Maybe sing some karaoke later too! One of my friends down here is really into the Karaoke thing. He's dragged me around for so long I actually like it now.
I really wasn't referring to the "chasers" as such, since I haven't had the opportunity to meet many in Norman. I was invited, by a co-worker, to attend a local amateur radio club / public service organization meeting at the Moore-Norman Vo-Tech.

I arrived on time in my chase vehicle, and as soon as I hit the driveway, I started getting "the stare". I've had MANY a bad experience in working with volunteer fire departments, rescue, ham radio spotter groups, etc. - all who, for some reason, just "don't take kindly to us new folk!" :?

My wife even told me it was a bad idea, but I thought I'd go ahead and try it out anyway. I walked in the door and met my co-worker, who I have determined is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and he told me "this meeting is for club members only." I thought to myself, why in the hell didn't you tell me this instead of me dragging myself out of bed to get there at 7am????? Next, he wants me to meet some of the other club members, and they came out to look at my vehicle... the first thing a bunch of them start asking me is "do I have a license and the authority to have all the antennas on my truck?" What the ####??? My vehicle does not, in any way, represent a public service vehicle - don't even have emergency lighting. IMO... these guys were just being jerks.

PERHAPS IT'S ANTENNA LENGTH ENVY !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway, so that's the latest story of an unpleasant meeting of spotter / chaser groups. I think I'll stick to the "independent" catagory.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Norman this Friday evening.
Man too bad I wont be up that way. Derek and I met up with Shane and Matt at the Vista on the way back to Louisiana after a chase season was over. The Vista is a great place!!!