Moore, OK chaser gathering - Saturday, July 10

Change in My plans

Well, with the way the forecasts are working out for this weekend, it looks like I've got quite a trip ahead of me! It's been a while since I saw 5,500+ CAPES over an area of solid mid-70s dew points and -12 to -14 LIs with just a strong shortwave & passing warm front to fuel my hopes. Then again, with such incredible instability maybe that's all we'll need to get things firing on Thurs & Friday? Still can't believe those forecast soundings for Grand Island--CAPES over 7,000 j/kg & 85% chance for supercells. With all this chasing coming up, I'm not positive I'll make it to the party on Saturday, but I'll definitely try, since all the action shifts up north by then.
Otherwise, see y'all at the party!
Sounds like fun. Through some dogs on the grill, I'm on my way!
Could someone in Norman swing by and pick me up? I'm at Chatauqua & OK9, Post Oak Apartments. Let me know in PM, otherwise I need to start walking in about an hour :D

I'm gonna be in town after all...I had to make a run to Fort Worth cause they thought I had something seriously wrong with me but luckily everything is ok, so I'll be back in time to go to the thing. I can pick you up if you need me to.

Glad to hear everything's okay with ya

And yes, I would appreciate a lift to JR's
Thanks for a great time JR and Kathy. Once again my wife and I thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. Got to meet a few new faces that I know on here. The webcam was great... and everyone's videos were awesome... mother nature spoiled us on a few days this year.

The webcam worked just fine! :thumbup:

I nearly soiled myself when I laid eyes on TAP4! Wherever did you aquire such a technical marvel? With an F-6 setting even! Will wonders of nanotechnology ever cease?!? :D
Thanks to JR & Kathy for another wonderful shindig. Thanks to everyone who came for the fun videos and conversations. Thanks to Moon for the ride up and Scott for the ride home!!!
Oh boy..... :oops:

I sniffed a few too many paint fumes last night. hehehe

JR and Kathy, you guys rule!!! Thanks so much for throwing such a fun party. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
The streaming video was great! Thanks for going to the trouble to set that up. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing everybody have fun. Of course, TAP4 was the star of the show!