Shane Adams

Tim, could you please sticky this post? Thanks in advance!!!

Rob Satkus asked me to post this in the forum so here it is:

(looks like July has become quite active with chaser parties, kinda cool)

Greetings all,

Hope you all had a great chase sure sounds like many of you
did! Tom Pastrano and I will be hosting a chaser party on Sunday, July 25, here in Norman. All are invited...even Shane ( just kidding dude!) There will be plenty to eat and drink including the best burgers this side of the dryline. We would like to ask for a $5 donation to cover costs...please reply to me (offline) and let me know if you can make it, so we have a general idea on how many will be there. my email address is [email protected]

Directions will be posted soon at as well as . Festivities will began at 2pm, so bring some video and an appetite!

Rob asked me to forward this to the forum:

Just wanted to send a quick reminder about the party, Sunday July 25th in Norman..thanks to those that have responded...look forward to seeing you me at [email protected] if you can make it...directions can be found at or I can provide them if you wish. We will have brisket, burgers, dogs, chicken, snacks, beer, name it. We are asking a 5$ cover charge to help out on costs..hope to see you there!
I have to work that night. My husband and I might be able to make it to the next one. Sorry. We would've liked to have been there since it's close to our area.
I may come, but I have finals the next week that I need to study for. SOunds like it will be a good time so hopeto see you there
Just a final reminder that the party is tomorrow at 2pm, hope to see you all there!!!
Anyone in Norman heading to the party that could pick me up? I'd happliy pick up your $5 door fee for a ride. Let me know in PM or email.

Thanks in advance
Just wanted to extend my thanks to both Tom Pastrano and Rob Satkus for hosting a cool chaser party today/tonight. Met a lot of cool people and saw a lot of awesome video. Also drank a lot of beer, lol.

Thanks to JR for the ride to and from the party; we did a drive-by looking for TAPs 2 & 3 only to discover they were gone. We briefly entertained the idea of parking and sneaking up to the garage door to look inside, but I decided I hadn't had enough beers for that. So we decided to leave this mission for another time.
I was finally able to make it out to the chaser party. I had a great time. Asside from the great food I ate and the amazing tornado footage I saw, it was nice to finally meet some of the faces behind the names.