Chase Case #6 (2010 Version)

Agree with Perez and I also want to stick close to the low. Advancing low level moisture should make it to NE Missouri by midday. Heading to Wayland, MO- half way between Quincy and Mt. Pleasant. Be there before 16z.
Gonna hang out with Bob in Des Moines, IA. I'm watching that surface low and will be keeping up with it as it tracks northeast. Looks like that warm front is going to push north as we've got good clearing in MO, although clouds and convection over IA might re-enforce it as well unless they are eroding. The WF looks nicely sheared and might be a good play today as the directional shear will be maximized here. I might find myself moving east with the next update but we shall see.
Stayin in Des Moines too--think the CU's will pop in the clear area and interact.
Staying put at my home in Grimes, IA, with thoughts of moving SE. Will wait to see how far the warm front lifts when the next set of data comes out before I make my move.
Not moving an inch and very confident I am in great position for later this afternoon. Watching the progression of the cold front and will see just how far north the warm front goes. Chillin out in Macon, MO.