Cell Phone Teathering

alright, i tried this before, and i got some helpful information, i have a Hewlett Packard Omnibook6000 and i got a USB Blue tooth adapter for it the other day from radio shack for like 30 bucks, I've successfully gotten my desktop to see my cellphone and send some data to it, my Laptop is running the same OS Windows XP Professional, so I'm hopeful that it'll work the same way Via Blue tooth on the laptop, immediately it saw the P.A.M (Phone As Modem) capability's of the cellphone which is a Motorola V770 camera phone with Blue Tooth, has anybody had any success with such a setup on a laptop before? or am i just wasting my time?
Have you tried going over to the howardforums and asking for help ?
Tony, I'll second the recommendation regarding HowardForums, they really know their stuff over there.

I've used a similar setup with my Treo Smartphone and had satisfactory results, although I've found better performance using the USB cable. If your laptop recognizes the phone then it likely already has a driver that will work, although you might still have to deal with that later. I think you might also need the Motorola "Mobile Phone Tools" software in your case, but I'm not positive. There's likely a few others in here that have used that setup too.
the blue tooth adapter came with a CD with a bunch of tools on it O.O and your right the laptop did have drivers for the phone, it even told me the MAC address and the model and build date of the phone as well... ill give that other forum you told me about a try and see what they say, thanks guys