Buoy data link - watch that moisture!

Seeing the thread in Bar & Grill that's currently ongoing about who is ready for Spring (like - all of us!), I was reminded of this when reading Brian Stertz's post w/r/t Gulf current Tds.

I don't have a link bookmarked for monitoring the obs down in the Gulf from the buoys. Does anybody have the link available that they could post here?

I always find that it is helpful to monitor things down there considering that it is - obviously - where most of our moisture comes from for severe wx. Seeing as there are a few newcomers on here, too, who may be looking at their first year of forecasting for severe weather......I thought it might be a good link to have out there.

Mind you - everybody probably has the link to the page I am talking about......except me! :cool:

Very true Karen....got to keep a watchful eye on that buoy data up until about early/mid May...by then most of the Plains are well moistened up for good. I like to look at buoy trends too...as far as moisture surges or wind shifts. That info can provide good clues that a warm front is heading northbound and the Gulf pipeline is about to be open for business. :)