breifly...where will you be on Tues 11/15/05?

With all of the forecasts seemingly coming together for a major severe outbreak, where will you BE? Just breifly, not where the forecasts say, but where YOU will be. I'll be from Huntsville. AL - Paducah, KY.
Currently in Starkville, MS (Miss State student).

Will re-evaluate at 915 after class is over. Memphis is only a two hour and a half hour trip. That might be a good place to start. The Ark Delta along I-55 is really good for chasing. Only cocern is getting back and forth across the Mississippi River.
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Agreed. Moving this to the Weather Lab.
I'll be departing Huntsville around 9 CST tomorrow morning. Right now, my target is somewhere around Memphis (but from past experience, don't want to get too close to Memphis proper, as it is a logistical nightmare).

There are limited options to cross the Missippi, so I'll be looking closely at those tonight. As the day goes on, will probably end up baiting an ugly line Eastward back to Huntsville tomorrow night.

Still heading to Louisville in the morning, likely adjusting west to around Mount Vernon, IL (better chase territory).

I'm pessimistic about catching tornadoes tomorrow. Road networks in the risk area are nothing like the 1-mile grids of the Plains, even in the areas with flat topography like southern IL. Lots of 90-degree stairsteps on the backroads. Even Interstates in S IL are almost like rivers with crossings spaced widely apart in a lot of places. Fast movers will be near impossible to keep up with anywhere.

Still, despite that, how can you not chase a setup like this if you can be there ;)
I'm also thinking of Mount Vernon as a starting point, Dan. I'd rather be in a little better chase territory and sacrifice some instability. Although the roads down in southern IL resemble a maze more than any grid pattern. Anyone looking for some company? I have a feeling the more eyes, the safer on this one.

I'll be departing the KC area shortly, and headed to St. Louis. There I will be picking up a couple of buddies, then it's off to Cape Girardeau. That will be my target for tomorrow. Depending on the data runs in the morning, I may have to re-evaluate and choose another location.
Well, good to see it's in my area again! Anyway, watch the 60/62 bridge crossing the Mississippi. Believe there is still some construction going on as we speak. Other than that, all the state roads are in pretty good shape. Secondaries are marginal.

Welcome to all those from out of state. I was getting grouchy about all the MO hunters being over here this week. :evil: Be nice to see ya'll from Texas, WV, OK, etc.

Good luck to all of you out there!

I'll be sitting in my cozy office here in OUN watching it all unfold on the web. I don't think I'd chase this setup even if I could - but, that's just me. :wink:

Watch out for those giant weed-whackers, guys!

I will be working all day. I'm sort of sandwiched between the severe outbreak just to my east, and the snowstorm just to the west.

By the time I get home this evening though, I'm hoping for some frequent gusts over 50mph and the first flakes of the year. 8)
I will be virtually chasing from here, Europe :D If I'd be there right now, I would probably go somewhere around Paducah, KY or a bit south.
At home; wishing I was in the High Risk. Oh, and watching the rain change over to snow. Better Luck next Spring I guess. Be safe out there today!!
Unfortunately, sitting this one out in Norman. Ah, to be sitting on my hill on the Knox/Anderson county line in E TN, waiting for it to blast by me.
Originally posted by Marko Korosec
I will be virtually chasing from here, Europe :D If I'd be there right now, I would probably go somewhere around Paducah, KY or a bit south.
Is it just me or I picked up a pretty good target?

Ahh wish I would live there...honestly I envy you all there pretty much :cry:

Best of luck to all out today!
I'll be in Baghdad, of course. I can't leave here yet. but there is some rain and faint lightning that has been going on for about the last 6 hours now, no thunder though, wierd.

Good luck and stay safe to all the people in the target area, I'm watching for the REPORTS thread!
As much as I wanted to go out today (even had the opportunity to), I had to stay behind because I had a lot of things due in class and a test to study for on Thursday.