Bluetooth Cellphone with Vista?

May 1, 2004
Springfield, IL
Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since I posted here, but I'm getting ready for the '07 season and was looking for some advice on cell phones and Vista. I bought a new Dell a couple months ago, and it came with a free upgrade to Vista.

I was hoping to make the jump to Vista as I like the slick interface, performance gains from superfetch and the searching capabilities, and my new machine has more than enough memory to meet the extra resource requirements.

However, my Sony Ericsson Z500 is not compatible with Vista. The PC Suite installer does not work on Vista. I hacked the MSI and forced it to ignore the OS requirements, and had to change some security settings on Vista to allow it override some files, but it was all futile. There does not appear to be a fix in the near future (or at least in time for the chase season). This is a shame since the rest of my software, mapping and radar, looks to be compatible.

One of the drawbacks of my Z500 is that I have to connect it via a USB cable in order to dial in, so I was thinking about buying a phone with bluetooth. My question to you folks is, can you recommend a good bluetooth phone that I can use as a wireless modem. I'm with Cingular, operating under an old Media Works data plan that they no longer offer. I know it was a hot setup a couple of years ago and some of you may still be on it. Maybe you have some experience using this plan with bluetooth. Also, does anyone have experience connecting with a bluetooth phone under Vista? I know its barely been on the market, but I was hoping somebody was up and running on the new OS as the season is coming up quick.

Well, I won't be upgrading to Vista until I get this phone situation straightened out, but in the meantime are there any good phone models you guys can recommend?