Blizzard / Tornado Warning!

Billy Griffin

This really doesn't belong in the NOW thread, so I just thought I'd comment here. What's really interesting to see is on the NWS color-shaded maps, you'll see that Finney County, Kansas is RED, as well as Ford and Gray counties in KS (RED also) - but what's the difference? The red for Finney County (Garden City) is for a "Blizzard Warning," while the red in Gray and Ford County, KS is for a "Tornado Warning," with a confirmed tornado on the ground at this very moment! :eek:

I thought this was very unique and kind of neat to see on a map like that. I do not recall seeing something like that (those two extremes so close together), although I'm sure it's happened many times before. What's also fun to think about is just how close those storms of today came close to getting into the snow covered areas of far west Kansas and eastern Colorado. What a photo that would make, eh?
Next time, instead of linking us to the site url, which updates constantly, please save the image, upload it to a photo server, and send us that link. Your current link shows nothing of what you mention.

I'm sure it was impressive.
Also realize that the Blizzard Warning is not in effect now, so the map is wrong in showing it valid at the same time as the TOR.
Yep, just realized that "goof." Anyway, it was kinda neat seeing a blizzard warning with all those counties in red, along with the two red counties in the tornado warning right next to each other!