August 11 = Drought Relief?

Feb 27, 2005
Madison, WI
Dry crops and sleepless stormchasers in the Midwest; this is your day!
A warm front and small wave of low pressure will move into the area tonight and bring a good chance of heavy rain and possibly severe weather. I know you chasers in Northern IL and Southern WI will like this one. Lets just hope the cloud cover doesn't ruin it for us today. Good luck! :wink:
I've already had a little under 3/4" of rain today, so I'm pretty happy. This is the most rain I've seen in awhile!
I thought the crops around here we're going to be toast until we got about 5" of rain on the 25 of July. It was definatly a drought buster. Even though we aren't as bad as Illinios, Iowa and Indina was/is. Got 1.75" yesterday so we've had some decent rain at least. Thank God.
We FINALLY have some relief in sight here in my neck of the woods. We've got decent shots for rain all the way through Sunday. The only bad thing will be the threat for flash flooding, but I guess we'll take whatever we can get our hands on.
We got about an inch of rain total in the last 24hrs. I'm thinking about starting to build an ark.

Seriously though, it is good to see. We're now back down to a foot of precip below normal for the year. It was the brownest I've ever seen around here the last month or so. It looked just like a dessert in certain places. Usually this is a very green, humid place in the summertime.

I was actually thinking about planting a cactus in the back yard. :p