Archived F-6 Data Climate Charts

Anyone know where I can get archived F-6 Data Climate Charts for Milwaukee, WI? I'm looking to go as far back as I can. Thanks.
Yes I knew about getting it back to 2001. But until they recently redesigned their climate data page, it went back to 1997. I'm wondering if theres another site that goes back to 1990 or so.
I see... Well, the old link used to be I believe (from a WayBack archive of the MKX page), but that pages looks as if it's been removed (not just that the link to the page was removed). The only thing I've found so far has been this site: , which includes high/low/precip since 1995. I don't know if the Milwaukee ob is the official ob or not, as it may be a coop ob (though, I'd think, they'd use the official ob over the coop ob).