Anyone familiar with Magellan handheld GPS?

I just bought a Magellan Meridian Gold GPS reciever. It seems to be a nice unit but the base maps that are installed on it arnt close to what I am looking for. I need a software package that has all the gravel and dirt roads here in Nebraska and Kansas. Does anyone know if the MapSend
Direct Route North America mapping software have all this? I am new to all this and want to make sure before I fork out $100-150 for it.


Hi Dennis,

Most GPS units only come with a "Base Map" that only gives you basic functionality. If you want to have more detailed maps then your only choice is the Mapsend product. I've found the maps to be fairly detailed and accurate for the areas I've used; I can't say for sure for your area.

Unfortuneately due to licensing issues etc. you can't use other products to put maps into the GPS (at least not easily). This is only an issue if you use the GPS unit by itself; a lot of us here use a GPS with a laptop and mapping program so this issue becomes moot.