buying GPS unit for Delorme Street Atlas

Jul 8, 2004
SW Slovenia, Europe
Hello all,

Does anyone know if its possible to buy a Delorme GPS Unit Earthmate LT-40 or similar new versions in a regular store? I somehow lost the device, have no idea how it happened. Though I have a Street Atlas installed already on my laptop. I would just stop at BestBuy for example and buy it. Any chance? As I am not an US citizen, I am unable to order it online and ship to a motel, as it takes few days and we don't know where our chases will end.

Or if possible, could you advice which GPS unit to grab in a store (Wallmart, BestBuy, etc.) that can be used for Delorme Street Atlas and SpotterNetwork/GrLevel3 at the same time (splitting with GPS Gate).

thank you very much!

Since you are replacing, and given the problems that DeLorme units cause with newer and 64 bit OS's like Windows 7, my advice would be to pick up a Microsoft (Pharos) unit bundled with Streets and Trips. That way when you upgrade your laptop you won't have issues. DeLorme's serial emulator does not work at all in Windows 7/64 bit, therefore it can't communicate with GPSGate.

That said, I'm not sure about Walmart, but I know Best Buy carries it. A computer store like MicroCenter would carry it also.