Advice?/TV/antenna systems

Ty Garner

I am wondering if anyone can give any input about getting the best possible TV reception in the vehicle? I have an RCA five inch LCD TV that I bought from Radio Shack that has a jack for an external antenna. The employee at Radio Shack did not know of any good setup. I talked to a CB guy who sold me a couple of shorter CB antennas and a V-coupler like a rabbit ears setup that you might see truckers use. They sell these at truckstops. I mounted this V-setup on a board in my truck bedrail. This setup has proven to be not very good. (My dad and I about drove into the Attica, Kansas F2 tornado at night on 5/12 when we lost good reception.)
More than half of the time I can get better reception with the single telescopic antenna that is on the TV than with the external antenna.

Hearing of other peoples setups and/or advice/input for me would be greatly appreciated.
I use rabbit ears with adjustable dial from wally world under $10. Set's behind the seat so I can reach back and change the dial and also allows full extension of the antenna.
Sure there is better choices but works for me. If your using a color tv might need something stronger though.